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80 years after the Declaration of Philadelphia, how has social justice advanced?

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On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Declaration of Philadelphia, leading personalities from the world of work will gather to discuss the pertinence and relevance of its principles in the contemporary context of Latin America and the Caribbean. This meeting will focus on exploring the challenges and opportunities facing the region to ensure labour rights and promote social justice and decent work. Priority will be given to concrete actions to address persistent challenges, as well as new factors influencing the labour environment. (event in Spanish)


Ana Virginia Moreira Gomes
Assistant Director-General and Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean
International Labour Organization (ILO)


Manuela Tomei
Deputy Director General of the Governance and Human Rights Group
International Labour Organization (ILO)
Humberto Villasmil
Professor, Central University of Venezuela (UCV), Former Standards Specialist at the ILO Office for the Southern Cone of Latin America and the Caribbean
Deborah Thomas Felix
Former President, Industrial Tribunal, Trinidad and Tobago