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Global Skills Forum

Skills and lifelong learning are essential for economies to prosper, individuals to thrive and access decent work, and societies and communities to grow fairer and more resilient. Continuously skilling, reskilling and upskilling people of all ages provides immense value to society and helps to overcome social, environmental, and economic disruptions.

The Global Skills Forum brings together representatives from around the world to take part in a conversation about how to shape skills development in our ever-changing economies and societies. 

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Listen to reflections on the discussions during the forum and learn about encourage continued action.


Datuk Wira Shahul Hameed bin Shaik Dawood
Chief Executive, Human Resource Development Corporation, Malaysia
Eric Manzi
Deputy General Secretary
International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)
Lindiwe Sephomolo
Chief Executive Officer, Association of Lesotho Employers and Business
Sangheon Lee
Director, Employment Policy, Job Creation and Livelihoods Department
International Labour Organization (ILO)


Shrinivas Reddy
Chief, Skills and Employability Branch
International Labour Organization (ILO)