Female nurses in a hospital pharmacy dispensary

The gender pay gap in the health and care sector

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ILO and WHO will launch their latest joint report on the gender pay gap in the health and care sector during a side event High-level Political Forum. Following the presentation of the most comprehensive global analysis of gender pay inequalities in the health and care sector worldwide, a high level dialogue will examine integrated and intersectoral policy action to accelerate achievement of SDGs and boost political attention to the issue of gender equality in the health and care workforce.

Global overview of gender pay gaps in the health and care sector

Beate Andrees
Special Representative to the UN and Director of the ILO Office for the United Nations
Michelle McIsaac
Gender Equity and Rights Health Workforce Department, WHO
Jim Campbell
Director of the Health Workforce Department, WHO

High-level dialogue

Sofia Borges
Senior Vice President and Head of the New York Office, United Nations Foundation
Arnoldo André Tinoco
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Costa Rica
Cancela Rodríguez
Secretary of State, Spain
Anne Françoise Dostert
Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Elisha Ram
Associate Assistant Deputy Minister at Employment and Social Development Canada