Lady with head scarf and in wheelchair with other co-workers working on computers
Factory workers in yellow uniform working with sewing machines with one worker in a wheelchair
Disability in sustainability efforts: Businesses leading the way

The ILO Global Business and Disability Network (GBDN) will host its 10th annual conference on “Disability in sustainability efforts: Businesses leading the way” on 14th and 15th November 2023 at the ILO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The conference will provide an opportunity to welcome new ILO GBDN members, facilitate the exchange of best corporate practices in disability inclusion, showcase the latest global and local business initiatives related to disability, and encourage informal networking among conference attendees. The conference will cover topics such as disability inclusion in companies' environmental, social, and governance efforts, addressing the intersectional needs of individuals with disabilities, self-identification and career advancement of employees with disabilities, and the impact of Artificial Intelligence on disability inclusion in the workplace. 

Lessons learned from using ILO Global Business Disability Network’s self-assessment tool

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Aligned with the Ten Principles of the ILO Global Business and Disability Network (GBDN) Charter and the universal principles that shape the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the ILO GBDN Self-Assessment Tool was launched in November 2022. It allows businesses in any country to set priorities for action as they set out to deliver the best practices that benefits both companies and persons with disabilities. Speakers will share how their organisations use the Tool and the respective lessons learned.  


Susan Scott-Parker
Founder, Business disability international


Omobolanle Victor-Laniyan
Unit Head of Sustainability, Access Coorperation
Marilena di Coste
Founder and CEO, The Butterfly Inclusive Employment Ecosystem
Andy Garrett
Founding Ambassador, PurpleSpace
Mariam Maalouf
Talent Acquisition Manager, Serco

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