ILC committees room at Palais des Nations, Geneva
110th International Labour Conference - Plenary sitting
110th International Labour Conference
The International Labour Conference (ILC) sets the international labour standards and the broad policies of the ILO. It meets annually in Geneva. Often called an international parliament of labour, the Conference is also a forum for discussion of key social and labour questions. Each member State is represented by government's, employers' and workers' delegates. This year, occupational safety and health, apprenticeships, as well as the social and solidarity economy are among the items on the agenda of the Conference.

Adoption of Committee reports

Showing dates/times for
The Conference will approve the reports of the General Affairs Committee, the General Discussion on Social and Solidarity Economy and the Credentials Committee.

Key moments

playAmos Kuje's remarks
Duration: 9:46
playRenate Hornung-Draus' remarks
Duration: 6:19
playCatelene Passchier's remarks
Duration: 12:06
playSalomon Ehet's remarks
Duration: 6:57
playKarim Cisse's remarks
Duration: 2:58

General Affairs Committee

Amos Kuje
Renate Hornung-Draus
Chairperson, ILO Employers’ group, Germany
Catelene Passchier
Chairperson, ILO Workers’ group, Netherlands
Salomon Ehet
Chairperson, Cameroon
Karim Cisse
Delegate government, African Group, Senegal
Alison Durbin
Delegate government, ASPAG, Australia

General Discussion Committee: Decent work and the social and solidarity economy

Credentials Committee

Cheryl Daytec
Chairperson, Philippines

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